4 Steps towards building a strong Real Estate Portfolio

Buying properties for investment is a method that needs learning. It takes time and effort to understand the dynamics of the real estate world.

There are few helpful steps towards becoming a successful real estate investor. Remember, these and you are bound to find success in no time:


1. Try to pay under market value by Adding value potential:

Can you buy a property for less than what it’s valued in the market? Yes, you can.

It would take time and effort but you can get a discount on your investment in the following ways:

  • Why is the property being sold? Find out the reason and that could help you in improvising on the offer you make. Find out if they have an offer on any other properties.


  • Also, take a deep look at the market condition and find out what makes the property so wanting? Look out for anything you could do to add value to your property.


  • Check out the sustainability of the market.

2. Look for properties that offer good cash flow:

A property you consider investing in should be good for your cash flow. It should offer a rental return higher than the suburban average.

Try to go for investment properties offering yields over 5% for high returns.

You can calculate the gross rental yield of any property using this formula:

Rent per week x total weeks in the year = yearly rent/price purchased for x 100


3. Look for Investment Opportunities in other states:

Buying properties in states other than yours is an investment trend that has proven to be beneficial for many investors.

For instance, Australia has zero property markets making it an open space for investors.


There are hundreds of markets in each country while every one of them has its own individual benefits. Some have rising employment rates while others offer more tourist attractions.

This is why you should look out for areas far from you, like Killearn Estates homes for sale, that stand out on the real estate map.


4. Learn To outsource:

Think of purchasing investment properties as building a business. This is why you should keep going in the search for more investment.

For this, you shall be aware of outsourcing work efficiently. Try to outsource the tasks that consume most of your time.

Some common tasks that can be outsourced are landscaping, rent management, and management of the real estate portfolio.