The Power to Control Your Investments

A Journey to Investment Mastery

The retail investment industry in Canada suffers a fundamental flaw. Retail financial advisors throughout Canada are compensated based upon the products they sell or the size of the assets they manage. This form of compensation results in a systemic conflict of interest that is the root cause of most of the problems in the industry today.

Portfolio Audit reviews your current advisor relationship (even if that advisor is you!) to find any problems in your investment portfolio and suggest steps you can take to improve your financial well-being.

Advisor FeesWe can also assist investors who are seeking to manage their own DIY investing program. We can help you create a financial plan, create an investment policy statement, transition your investments, set up your accounts, and teach you how to effectively allocate and rebalance your funds.

Portfolio Audit was founded on the belief that the investment industry systematically overcharges for the services they provide. Keeping costs under control is critical to investment performance. Directly paying for your advice is the greatest control you can have over advisor costs. Portfolio Audit is committed to reducing fees in the industry. Our business model is to work completely online and paperless to minimize our costs, and your charges. Portfolio Audit charges an hourly fee for the time we spend helping you and we are committed to keeping these fees low and in line with your needs. We receive no other form of compensation and sell no investment products. You are aware of how much we have worked at all times and can determine your costs. Portfolio Audit is committed to proving this business model will successfully reduce the cost of advice while giving individual investors more control of their investment destiny. 

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How is your investment portfolio being managed?

Can you answer these questions comfortably?

  1. Can you describe your investment management process?
  2. How up to date is your Investment Policy Statement?
  3. Does your advisor have a clear methodology they are following? 
  4. What was your rate of return in 2013? ...2012?
  5. What is the target rate of return of the portfolio?
  6. Did you exceed your benchmark? 
  7. What is your asset allocation policy? When and how do you re-balance?
  8. What are your total fees?
  9. How much risk are you taking on? 
  10. How tax efficient is your portfolio?
  11. Are you at risk for fraud? 

If you are scratching your head, then a Portfolio Audit™ will give you a better understanding of how your portfolio is being managed and how you can improve it.

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